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Fuzheng Huayu (FZHY) Successful Debut in the 2014 Annual Conference of Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL)

Published: 2014-12-19 10:02


APASL annual conference was held in Brisbane, Australia on March 14. Professor John M.Vierling, former president of American Liver Association, was invited by the conference to talk about Chinese medicine the first time in his lecture. He introduced the process and results of the FZHY US phase II clinical research to experts. And showed his approval of Chinese medicine’s advantages in the anti hepatic fibrosis domain.

The FZHY report in this APASL conference was officially invited by the conference. The conference arranged a parallel session to give the official report. This was the first time that Chinese medicine was invited formally onto the stage for a report in an international conference. It fully showcased that FZHY capsule/tablet has gained deep approval in the international medical circle. It was another giant step of Chinese medicine going international!

This research was done under the surveillance of the US FDA, strictly following FDA standards for its design and implementation. 8 American research centers participated, and 118 patients were involved. The research results show that though only with 1 year of treatment, hepatic fibrosis of most hepatitis C patients receiving FZHY was stabilized or improved. FZHY has good tolerance. Its safety was as good as placebo’s.

Currently, FZHY has been approved to be used for anti hepatic fibrosis treatment in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Announcing this research in this conference made it possible for this “Chinese” medicine to enter the western FDA assessment process and get approved, the same as other “western” drugs. Based on the advantages of the current low price and slight adverse reactions, its key efficiency was verified by the arbitrary clinical trial. It is worth being promoted to be used clinically around the world.